About Us

After little to no luck soothing her kids’ issues with dry and patchy skin, our founder decided to take matters into her own hands - rather literally. Having already been immersing herself into natural ingredients for her own hair and skin, she continued her researching which would best suit the needs of her children. Because the topical creams and ointments readily accessible were proving inadequate for their specific needs, mommy began playing around with different combinations, seeking to create a healthier, more natural solution that would yield even a modicum of relief for her babies.
In 2013, she had created a butter mixture that seemed like it might be leaning in the right direction. After a few weeks’ application, there was noticeable improvement in the look and feel of their skin. Virtually immediately, CaJoSe Natural was being birthed. Priding herself on combining the finest natural ingredients, infusing them by hand (to add that extra binding agent: love), she set out to create a brand consumers can trust.
In the years that followed its inception, CaJoSe Natural has been perfecting the combinations for each of the products; developing more even as you are reading this. The desire is to bring you all natural, vegan friendly skin and hair essentials that contain only the finest of ingredients. With your trust and satisfaction in mind, we’re dedicated to providing products that leave you feeling soothed and worry-free.
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